Schola Cantorum Basiliensis

Prof. Dr. Johannes Menke

Historische Satzlehre Renaissance/Barock (Hochschule SCB)

Johannes Menke was born in Nürnberg in 1972. He completed studies in music education, oboe (Hans Elhorst), music theory (Eckehard Kiem), composition (Mathias Spahlinger) and German language and literature studies in Freiburg im Breisgau. In 2004 he completed his doctoral dissertation (PhD) on the subject of Giacinto Scelsi at the Technische Universität Berlin.
He has also been active as an oboe player, singer and composer.
He was features writer for DeutschlandRadio Kultur, and has been co-editor of the book series sinefonia (Wolke-Verlag, Hofheim) since 2005. He is editor of the book series Praxis und Theorie des Partimentospiels (Florian Noetzel Verlag) and a collaborator for the journal Musik & Ästhetik.
He has numerous publications on analysis, history of theory and didactics. From 2008-2012 he was president of the German-speaking society for music theory (Gesellschaft für Musiktheorie = GMTH).
From 1999-2009 he taught music theory and ear-training at the Musikhochschule Freiburg.  Since 2007, he has been teaching "Historische Satzlehre" (historical composition and theory) at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis.
His role includes teaching composition and theory, both as a compulsory and specialised subject (from renaissance to romanticism), teaching the course "history of music theory" and mentoring dissertation projects.
In addition, he also gives guest lectures at institutes such as Trossingen, Ghent, Graz and Freiburg.

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Prof. Dr. Johannes Menke

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