Schola Cantorum Basiliensis

Complementary studies (Ergänzungsstudium)

This program is aimed towards students who have completed their studies and who wish to get further training in an instrument/voice.  It is limited to half an hour a week in the main subject over a period of not more than two years. As it is a part-time course of studies, candidates are not fully immatriculated in the school, and it does not qualify students from other countries to get a residence permit to live in Switzerland.

Qualifications:  completed studies at a Music University or Conservatory, successful entrance exam
On completing the program:  a certificate of studies at the SCB
Curriculum:  studies in the main instrument/voice only
Admission procedure:  exam in the main instrument/voice only
Duration:  maximum two years

This program belongs to the School of Excellence (Institut für Weiterbildung of the Musik-Akademie Basel).

Conditions for admission:

  • Matura, Abitur, High School Diploma or comparable degree
  • Successfully-completed Diploma or Master’s Degree at a Music University or Conservatory
  • Unusual talent and ablility in the main instrument/voice
  • Sufficient knowledge of the German language (official teaching language at the SCB)
  • Successful entrance exam

Application forms:
- as Word-Form (to be filled out by computer)
- as Word-Form (in English)
- as PDF (to fill out by hand)
- as PDF (in English)