Schola Cantorum Basiliensis

Master of Arts in Music                          

Since its establishment in the year 1933, the Schola has offered a Diploma in Early Music. The unique concept of functioning as an independent ‘Hochschule’ and the high quality of instruction guaranteed by a staff of outstanding teachers has meant that this Diploma has always had a high degree of international recognition. Before 2008, the ‘Diploma for Early Music’ was considered to be the equivalent of a Master’s Degree. Now the possibilities for study at the SCB have become more differentiated, with several  Master’s Degrees, which will be described below.

Since 2008, the following four Master’s Programs are offered at the SCB:

1. Master of Arts in Musical Performance – Early Music // more...

1.1 Medieval - Renaissance (Instrument/Voice)
1.2 Renaissance - Romantic (Instrument/Voice)

2. Master of Arts in Specialized Musical Performance – Early Music // more...

2.1 Medieval - Renaissance (Instrument/Voice)
2.2 Renaissance - Romantic (Instrument/ Voice)

2.2.1 Figured bass/Ensemble direction (for keyboard players)
2.2.2 Improvization (instrumental)
2.2.3 Historic performance practise

3. Master of Arts in Composition and Music Theory – Early Music // more...

3.1 Theory of Early Music
  (in cooperation with the Musicology Institute of the University of Basel)

4. Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy – Early Music // more...

4.1 Instrumental-/Vocal pedagogy (Renaissance/Baroque/Classic)
4.2 Schulmusik IIA (Music Education) with Instrumental-/Vocal pedagogy
  (in cooperation with the  Hochschule für Musik, Basel)